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Senior Season in FULL Effect!

Are you a 2016 High School Senior? Do you need your senior portraits done? Do you want them done by the best? Then call the studio of Audrey Imfeld Photography TODAY to get your consultation booked!

Remember, we have incentives all month long for the months of June-August, so make sure you get in soon to take full advantage of them. We are booking up fast, so don't miss your chance!

Call us at 303-817-9551 or email us at aipi65@yahoo.com to get on the schedule.

Doug's Homecoming!

If you have been keeping up with our blog posts within the last year, you might know that Audrey's husband, Doug, has been deployed with the Army since about this time last year. It has been a very long year and a lot has happened since he's been gone, but he will be coming home in just a few short days! Audrey and her family are beyong ecstatic!


We have been very busy getting things ready for him when he comes home, as well as keeping up with all of our 2016 high school seniors coming in! It is just the beginning of the senior season, so if you need your senior portraits done, call us today to get in for a consultation! 303.817.9551.

Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Memorial Day - What It Means to You

In honor of Memorial Day being less than a week away, we wanted to ask all of you what the holiday means to you as an American, and what any traditions you and your family might have!


"We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them." - Francis A. Walker


In my family, with my dad being a Veteran, Memorial Day is pretty big. We always travel to his hometown, located in Smalltown, USA - otherwise known as Julesburg, CO. Then, at O-Dark:30, the town holds a flag raising ceremony at the cemetary to commemorate the holiday!


Let us know what you and yours do to celebrate!

The Parent's "Last Call" List for Senior Year

With the 2014-2015 school year coming to an end, it is time for this year's juniors and their parents to start thinking about their senior year! Most people may not think about it, but the summer before senior year is the time to get your senior portraits done. The weather and scenery are perfect, and most schools have their deadlines to turn the portraits in for the yearbook pretty much right after senior year starts. With that being said, check out this "Last Call" list of what to make sure gets done before your kiddo leaves the nest.



National Grief & Hope Convention and So Much More!

Hi everyone! We have lots to report around the studio these days, and not enough time to do it, so I am going to lump everything in to one big, long post.

Many of you may know that Audrey and her family are huge animal lovers! So much so, that her family has had 3 horses, 5 cats, and 2 dogs at any given time this last year. Many of you have even met all the horses, loved on her two dogs, and seen glimpses of a few of the cats as they check out what's going on. Sadly, a few months ago, Audrey's mom, Harriet, had to put down her beloved kitty Kima, that she had had for 17 years, and who brought her and her late husband, Ken, together many years ago.

About a month after that, Audrey had to make the tough decision to put one of her horses, Sarah, down after she was unable to get herself up and around.

Then, just this past Saturday, her sweet Sophie girl, her saint bernard, had to be put to rest after struggling to fight cancer. The studio is now based out of Audrey's home, so with so many of these sweet faces gone, it's feeling a little sad and empty around here :( All of these animals are adored by not only Audrey, her family, and her staff, but also by so many of you guys, our clients. We will all miss each of them very much.


Trying to turn things to a little bit of a happier note, many of you may know that Audrey and her sister-in-law, Gretchen, have started a new business called Faith's Gift...Portraits of Hope that they created in honor of Faith Imfeld, Gretchen's daughter, who lost her battle to Cystic Fibrosis in 2012 at the young age of 13. They have given the opportunity for grieving families to envision their loved ones within the arms of Jesus, for eternity. Starting a business is no easy, or cheap task, and they asked for your generous help. Ask and you shall receive, right? Right! Because of so many of your generous hearts and donations, they were able to go to the National Grief & Hope Foundation in Indianapolis yesterday! By going to this convention, they have gotten the word about this new business out to so many people who need it, so much in fact, that they were able to make their first official sale, just yesterday, their first day there! You have no idea how much this means to not only us, but to these families that they are going to be able to help.


While at the convention, they were able to meet Todd and Sonja Burpo, the parents of Colton Burpo, and author of the book, Heaven is for Real. How cool is that?!


For more information about the convention they are at, here is a link for you to go to to find out more http://www.griefconvention.com/ Faith's Gift is still accepting donations, and if you find it in your heart to give, our Indiegogo campaign is still up for 17 more days at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/faith-s-gift-portraits-of-hope And for TWO DAYS ONLY (April 17-19) you can get a Faith bracelet with a $25 donation - this is normally a perk with a $50 donation, so this is a steal! You can visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/faithsgifts2?fref=ts and Faith's Gift's Blog is here: http://blog.faithsgift.com/ You can also visit them on twitter at https://twitter.com/faithsgift


Even with all this hectic stuff going on, we are gearing up for high school senior season, so if you want one of a kind senior portraits, Audrey Imfeld Photography is where you need to be! Call 303-817-9551, or visit http://seniors.audreyphotography.com to contact us about setting up your consultation today!

Don't forget to keep visiting our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AudreyImfeldPhotography?fref=ts Instagram: https://instagram.com/audreyimfeldphotography/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AIPPhotography and Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/audreyimfeld/ to keep up with all the ins and outs of AIP :)


Until next time, have a great weekend!

Calling All High School Seniors!

Do you go to high school in the North Denver/Front Range Metro area? Are you graduating in the class of 2016? Are you starting to think about your senior portraits? Have you wondered what it's like to have a session with Audrey Imfeld Photography?

Your senior year is right around the corner, so now is the time to start thinking about your Senior Portraits! Most schools yearbook committees need the senior portraits turned in about a month after school starts in the fall, so late spring/early summer is prime time to come in for your consultation and book your session!

Visit our senior website at www.seniors.audreyphotography.com and give us a call at 303-817-9551, or email us at aipi65@yahoo.com with questions, or to schedule your consultation now!

Faith's Gift...Portraits of Hope

We have all either lost someone personally, or know someone who has. It is an extremely hard and emotional time. You can be a part of something bigger than yourself by helping other families that are in that same situation right now.

As many of you may know, Audrey's niece, Faith, passed away two years ago due to complications from Cystic Fibrosis that she suffered from all of her 13 years. Audrey and her daughter, Lauren, stayed up all night before Faith's memorial service trying to come up with something that would help the rest of the family in their grieving process. They came up with the idea to incorporate Faith into a drawing of Jesus embracing her, to give the family hope that she was safe and okay. That image was so impactful, and it gave so many of Faith's friends and family hope of seeing her again someday.



Fast forward to a few years of healing, Audrey and her sister-in-law and Faith's mom, Gretchen, came up with the idea to spread the word to make this kind of service available to anyone who needs it. That means they are able to create a Portrait of Hope for anyone of any age, race, gender, size, etc. However, starting a business such as this is quite expensive, which is why they need your help.

They have launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo that allows generous hearts, such as yours, to donate. Any funds raised for Faith's Gift that are higher than their marketing goals with be put into a "pay-it-forward" account, that will allow families to receive a Portrait of Hope that may not be able to afford one on their own.

We are asking you to please consider donating to Faith's Gift, and to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Please visit the link below to make a contribution, and to receive a perk with your donation. You can also email info@faithsgift.com with any inquiries, or visit http://faithsgift.com/ to find out more about our story and your portrait options. Please also consider liking our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/faithsgifts2 Thank you so much!


Audrey and Gretchen Imfeld

Co-Founders of Faith's Gift...Portraits of Hope

Indiegogo Campaign link: